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We are proud to be able to introduce you to the newest addition to our range of services. The specifically designed standard body is an affordable choice for Overland Travel, built only from the highest quality materials.

They are provocatively priced at a price point only achieved by clever design, standardisation and efficiency in manufacture. These bodies utilise all the same materials as our bespoke builds in a desirable layout.

Based on over twenty-three years of truck building and tens of thousands of miles of overland travel. It is what I believe is the minimum requirement to safely and comfortably travel the globe.

The raw simplicity makes it easy to understand and operate the habitation body, suitable for everyone from solo travellers to small families. Ideal for mounting onto most vehicles with a GVW of >7.5t,


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Body Spec

There is a weight penalty for having a box constructed in his manner, but it's a sacrifice worth taking to extend the life of your body. 


The sandwich panel's centre is a 40mm extruded XPS foam core. This structural insulation element is bonded between the two faces of the panel to ad both strength and insulation.


The interior wall is then the same as the exterior. The addition of the marine ply on the inside has several benefits. 


  • Increased acoustic insulation to isolate yourself from external noise.

  • Allows for interior products to be mechanically fixed into place, allowing for future reconfiguration/upgrades. (With a thinner internal wall, you have to bond everything into place, and this is then not removable)

MC00029_Rear threequater_Right_02.png

key features:

  • Construction of 64mm thick fibreglass/birch composite panels

  • Structural aluminium edge members

  • Replaceable FRP corner proctors

  • 120mm insulation in the floor with an integrated 4 point torsion-free subframe Integrated pull out steps.

  • Body to driving cabin access with weatherproof, flexible seal and locking security door. Superior thermal properties R=1.379(K.m2)/W

  • The external dimensions for our standard bodies are: Width - 2300mm

  • Height - 2400mm

  • Length - 5000mm or 5500mm for the Kalahari Length - 6000mm or 6500mm for the Gobi

Our bodies are finished with an extruded aluminium corner profile to enhance weather sealing and protection.  Unique to mototrcraft is the use of FRP corner protectors. These are additional corner protectors that are user-replaceable. So any knock or bumps to the body will only damage the FRP protectors and not jeopardise the body's integrity.

The core values at the centre of our design philosophy are Durability and Duration. 


That means our vehicles are manufactured to withstand the punishment of extended expedition travel without you having to worry about it.

Instead of using lightweight GRP skinned bodies, we back our 3mm GRP external skin with a 12mm Marine Ply. This construction gives our bodies extreme puncture resistance improving both offroad durability and security at the same time.

Doors and Windows

key features:

  •  Entrance door made from 60 mm FRP with aluminium reinforcement and a five-point locking mechanism, full-length stainless steel hinges.

  • Rear storage locker doors made from 40 mm FRP with aluminium reinforcements, full-length stainless steel hinge and double locks.

  • Four Motorcraft double glazed toughened glass windows. Scratch resistants with aluminium security reinforcing.

  • Black aluminium internal blackout window blinds with an integrated fly screen

  • 400 x 400 mm Skylight in the bathroom with blackout blind and flyscreen


Our windows are double glazed sealed glass units suitable for high altitudes. The advantage of glass is that it will not scratch easily like Polycarbonate windows. Therefore they retain their higher clarity for the duration of their life. 


They are available in our standard premium frame or the monsoon frame. The latter gives greater protection from rain when the window is open. 


Our doors have five locking points on them, Much like your domestic door at home. This improves the security, making it virtually impossible to use brute force to open.


The bathroom in the standard build is not like any average camper bathroom. It's more akin to your bathroom at home. It's the most commented-on  part of the truck at trade shows, 


Why? to start with, it is vast. To use it feels like a typical domestic bathroom. We will fit it out with the toilet system of your choice. It has a domestic mixer shower that will drain no matter how you have parked the vehicle and ample storage for all those personal items.


Please see our guide to toilets for more information on what toilet system to choose 

MC00029_Front threequater_Right_01.png

key features:

  • Motorcraft white heavy-duty FRP multi drain shower tray

  • Motorcraft white long life FRP stain-resistant sink unit

  • Washing machine (Extra)

  • Dometic CTS4110 Cassette toilet upgrade options available)

  • Thermostatic mixer shower

water filters

Water System

Key Features:
  • 350L freshwater storage, internal frost-free water storage

  • shower up to 10L/M flow rate (domestic flow is 10-12 L/M)

  • Motorcraft exterior water control locker with stainless steel fill point

A water system can or break an expedition truck build. At the end of a long day of navigation through the desert, nobody wants a tepid dribbling shower or to have to worry about how much water you have.


In a Motorcraft standard build, you won't even notice the difference between the water at home or the system in your new truck.


With 350l of freshwater storage and an on-demand water heater, you will never have to worry about running out of hot water either.


The water can be heated with either gas or electricity, meaning that you can be entirely carbon neutral when the solar is running at maximum efficiency.


By having the ability (optional extra) to pump and filter water from wild sources, your water supply does not have to be the limiting factor in your adventure.

Central Heating system 

Key Features:
  • Comfortable, silent heating all year round

  • One unit delivers both heating and hot water

  • Room thermostat integrated into touch screen control

  • The slow natural air movements result in the air with natural humidity. 

  • Hydronic heat is “there” without you noticing it.

  •  Provides hot water for the shower and the kitchen area

We offer you the market’s absolutely quietest heating system. The ALDE compoact.   


The convectors heat up air which rises upwards. When the warm air reaches the ceiling, it circulates downwards and inwards towards the floor and is reheated by the convectors. An unbeatably silent and effective solution.


Our heating systems are planned down to the smallest detail including the Alde towel rails to provide the entire family with warm towels after every refreshing shower.


The circulating air heats furniture and walls as well as forming a cold barrier in front of the windows. An all-enveloping heat and natural air flow which produces an even heat distribution throughout the vehicle



The kitchen in our standard build is not different from what you have at home, albeit a bit smaller.


With our state of the art gas under glass hob allowing, you t have all the convenience of cooking on gas but maintaining a clean flat work surface to allow more space when not in use. when used in conjunction with our steam compination oven there is no reson to cook any difrently from at home.


We provide ample storage for all the nesessities and a 340l stainless steel  isotherm marine  fridge/freezer.

Key Features:

• Engineered Resin Countertop with integrated stainless steel sink, wide choice of colours
• Single faucet, with hot/cold running water
• Two burner Gas hob.

• Isotherm stainless steel fridge/freezer

Energy System 

The vehicles leisure power system is located in the rear of the vehicle under the bed. When using a silent generator, we also mount this in the centre under the bed. We do this because accessing the centre storage area can be difficult, and by mounting the generator there frees up easily accessible side locker space

Full Victron Energy system
5” touch screen LCD control display 400ah Lithium batteries
5000Kva Inverter
910w monocrystaline solar panels
GPS & GSM connectivity for global access and support (sim card required) Full battery condition monitoring and isolation in the event of out of parameter scenario.

MultiPlus 48 5000 70.jpg

Battery capacity upgrade option is available.

As with all our technical systems, the Victron power system comes with 12-month technical support included.

An extended package is available, giving you the support you need when you need it.

ALL THIS FROM £189,250

Optional Extras 

Vehicle Extras 

LED Light Bar

When driving in remote areas, it’s best to avoid driving at night, but sometimes you have no choice when you have to you. Extra lighting can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why we only use high quality LED driving lights from LTPRTZ.

Driving Cab Air-con

We can fit Webasto air-condition units to either your ve- hicle cab or body or both giving you a more comfortable environment in hot, humid conditions. Note: depending on the final configuration, the addition of the air-con unit may impact the amount of solar you can have.

Brush rails

Brush rails are the stainless steel rails that mount on the roof of your habitation body. They protect the body from impacts from low hanging trees and look great finished in hardwearing black raptor paint.

hydraulic stabilisation 

Our duel purpose hydraulic stabilisation legs deploy from the chassis at the rear. Offering the ability to level the vehicle, take the rock out of the suspension and tyres, giving a more comfortable living experience.

Retractable Awning

An awning turns your outdoor space into a usable space in any weather, providing you with somewhere to sit on
a sunny day or dry area to get your waterproofs. You can deploy our easy to deploy cassette awning in minutes with minimal fuss.

Water Tank

We highly recommend the use of a greywater tank. It’s on the extras list due to the variation in size depending on requirements and vehicle. Please contact us to discuss further

Roof Rack 

A stainless steel roof rack has two functions on an expedition vehicle. It provides addi- tional storage for any large items you may have, and much the same as the rub rails protects against low hanging branches. These are made bespoke to your vehicle and, where possible, will include ‘A’ pillar brush bars.

Side lockers

If your planning on travelling for extended periods, you need as much storage as you can get on board. A good way of getting the most from the space you have is our custom made under chassis lockable storage lockers. Manufactured from aluminium, they will never suffer from rusting. They are lightweight but sturdy. Finished in Black raptor paint and make the truck look perfectly finished.

Zone Lighting

These LED waterproof light brightens up the outside area, creating a cosy environment for you to enjoy.


Winches offer that extra peace of mind when travelling in remote regions on your own. We can manufacture either front or rear-mounted winch brackets and provide electric winch watered from 4500lbs to 25000lbs. Please discuss your requirements with us.

Roof rack storage

For long term roof rack storage of smaller items, locker boxes can be a helpful solution. These waterproof lockable boxes securely mounted on your roof rack are a fantastic place to keep things you seldom use but don't want to travel without them.

Generator Options

dometic tec29


Tec 29

  • Petrol generator, 2.6 KW, 230 V

  • Variable speed generator – quiet and fuel saving Auto start function for automatic battery recharging Convenient and safe electrical starter

  • Automatic low-oil cut-off protects from damage Overload and short-circuit protection

  • Alarm functions for enhanced safety

  • Operation via external control panel

Whisper power Scalino

Whisper Power


  • 1-cylinder Permanent Magnet generator with external PMG box (power module) 3.4 kVA (2.8 kW) continuous 230 V power

  • High efficiency and strong peak power

  • Outstanding voltage stability and a pure sine wave

  • Saving fuel and ensuring smooth running of your genset

  • Genverter Power, the best choice for your energy supply

  • Also available with stainless steel enclosure for installation outside the vehicle

PMS 5000i.jpg

Fisher Panda

5000i Greentec

  • High efficient Variable Speed Technology

  • Stage V Exhaust emmissions compliant stage 5

  • Integrated water-cooled and pre-silenced exhaust inside capsule Lightweight at only 120kgs

  • Quiet running at only 54db(A) @ 7m (@ max rpm)


Whisper Power 


  • 3-cylinder Permanent Magnet generator with external PMG box (power module) Excellent choice to replace traditional gensets

  • 10kVA (8 kW) continuous   230 V power

  • High efficiency and strong peak power

  • Outstanding voltage stability and a pure sine wave Saving fuel and ensuring smooth running of your genset Genverter Power, the best choice for your energy supply

Habitation Body Extras

Habitation Body Winterisation

Our vehicle body is capable of sustaing travel in some of the harshest condition on the planet.

If you are planning on travelling in the extreme cold consistently below- 8c, we recommend installing our winterisation package.

The kit includes heating elements on all exterior tanks and pipes, vehicle battery preheater, Webasto engine block heater and a grey tank bypass valve.

Monsoon Windows

With all the benefits of the premium windows, they have the additional benefit of allowing you to open the window fully whilst it is raining. The curved lip above the window acts like your own personal canopy, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air while you watch the rain without getting wet.

Water Filtration

If you plan to fill your water tanks from unknown quality water sources, we recommend upgrading to have onboard water filtration. We would always recommend storing your water lightly chlorinated (using chlorine dioxide tablets is the most common way) ensuring, you have no bacteria growth within your water system. Then, use one of our filtration units as both a secondary filter (0.5un) and the activated charcoal filter to remove the chlorine’s taste and smell.

Water fill Pump

Our water-fill pump means you can unreel a hose from your truck and suck up water from a clean natural watercourse. We will provide you with additional filtration to ensure that only the purest water goes into your tanks.

Sky Hatches

In addition to the Motorcraft windows collection, we also offer you the Sky Hatch, with an alluring design allowing you star gazing opportunities or to use as an exit to the roof. The Motorcraft sky hatch brings you the ultimate in ventilation and fanatic views without compromising on quality, made with a GRP frame and panel for thermal efficiency, stainless steel fixings, double glazed fixed panel window and a load assisted opening. Available with flyscreen and blinds as an optional extra.


A sad reality of second-hand vehicles is that they will most likely require painting. Here at Motorcraft, we provide one of the best commercial paint finishes available in the UK. You may find a cheaper alternative, but we pride ourselves on providing a top to toe service. The cab’s exterior is completely stripped down, including the removal of the glass for a professional finish. Included in the cost: painting of cabin, chassis and body.

Safari Hatch

To complete the Motorcraft hatches range, we offer you the spectacular safari hatch, which will provide you with the option to enjoy those breathtaking views without compromising on security or introducing large win- dows that can make the habitation box hot. The safari hatch retains the same style as the windows and door. The Motorcraft safari hatch opens wider than a standard window, maximising those views and offering more privacy when closed. There are two additional window options available, a fixed window or an opening win- dow, both available with or without blinds.


Having adequate ventilation is a must in any home and is paramount in a live-in vehicle. In hotter climates, the additional air circulation may reduce the internal temperatures, and in the cold weather, it ventilates mois- ture reducing condensation. The Motorcraft skylights are a superb way to give you additional ventilation and give you natural light. They are low profile and impact-resistant, double glazed with toughened glass, manu- factured from GRP and available with a roller blind fly screen and blackout blinds as an option.

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