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Sky Hatch

Imagine being parked up on the Mongolian steppe on a cool summers night. The sky is crystal clear, and the Milkyway is bright in the night sky.


With our new Sky Hatch, you get get the most from the fantastic views and enjoy the ultimate in ventilation.

Sky hatch.jpg
The sky hatch also acts as an access route for both emergency use and recreational. We often use it for access to the roof where we install a terrace for alfresco dining with the ultimate views.

The sky hatch features:

  • GRP frame and Pannel for thermal efficiency.
  • Stainless steel fixings

  • Load Assisted opening.

  • Double glazed fixed pane window

  • Internal Blind


Aperture - 985 x 840mm

Exterior Frame - 1285 x 1150mm

Height from roof - 70mm

Window size 480x 520

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