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Uninmog U3000

Year of Manufacture - 


This Awesome Unimog ws a completed build by us. It wasted no time in hitting the road and it left us and shipped to Canada only a few weeks later. Follow Dolly’s Diaries on Facebook or instagram to see more of this vehicles amazing travels.

Left Hand Drive
Front and Rear Differential Lock
Transfer Box Lock
13t electric Winch
1t rear bike/wheel lift
Cab/Hab crawl Through

Habitation Module
Custom Motorcraft Box with legacy design internal rollover protection,
Hard-wearing GRP covered walls inside and out.
Wall thickness 70mm,
Roof thickness 70mm.
mounted onto a three-point torsion-free subframe integrated into the 120mm floor.

Heating system
Webasto AC unit with a heating function
Central Heating powered by an Alde Compact 3020 with aloe flow for on demand hot water.

Water System.
260L freshwater storage.
60L Grey water storage
Natures head Composting Toilet

Solgaz Combi Oven
Solgaz Gas under Glass cook top
Full Victron Power system
2 x 200Ah Lithium battery

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