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MAN TG 220b LE

Year of Manufacture - 


This MAN was built to a very specific set of requirements. It's designed am built as a “bad road camper” to support the needs of a family with a disabled son. Its adaptations range from simple things like a hoist over the door to aid access to the advanced power system with built in redundancies and back up generators.

Left Hand Drive
Front and Rear Differential Lock
Transfer Box Lock
Manual gearbox
Custom Concealed bike/wheel lift
Cab/Hab crawl Through

Habitation Module
Custom Motorcraft Box with legacy design internal rollover protection,
Hard-wearing GRP covered walls inside and out.
Wall thickness 70mm,
Roof thickness 120mm.
Rail on Rail Subframe

Heating system
Webasto AC unit with a heating Function
Central Heating powered by Webasto Thermo Pro90

Water System.
424L freshwater storage.
160L Grey water storage

Seland toilet with black tank.

Full Victron Energy Power system
800ah Lithium battery
Whisper Power GV12 Generator
Advanced UV water filtration system
Mile appliances

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