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Replacement Leyland DAF T244 Wings

The Leyland DAF wings are notorious for corrosion. Due to poor design water and dirt sits between the support arms and the outer skin and this causes corrosion.
Unfortunately due to the age of the trucks, most have this corrosion in the wings and it's almost unstoppable once it's started.

Motorcraft have taken a mould from the original wings and offer replacement FRP wings that are almost identical to the original.


Supplied in white FRP our wings can be painted to match your truck and will never corrode again.

Option One

Remove the old wings. Drill the spot welds holding the support arms to the wing and remove arms. Refit arms to the cab. Apply structural Adhesive (Soudal 40fc or Skiaflex 252) to the top of the arms and then fit FRP wings and lightly clamp to the support arms until the adhesive is cured. This gives you a load-bearing wing equal to the original.


Option Two 

You can unbolt the existing wings entirely and bolt our wings back in position without the support arms. This gives you all the functionality of the orginal wings BUT they are not load-bearing.

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