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We have been building vehicle bodies for over 20 years, our current design and construction technique is an accumulation of that 20 years of experience and the product we offer we believe to be the best habitation body available on the market today.


It may not be not the lightest body but we can guarantee it's the strongest!


Overland Expedition Vehicle Bodies


We know that in a split second you can make a mistake that could cost the integrity of your home on wheels.


Be it a tree strike or a complete rollover we are confident our bodies will take whatever you throw at them.

  • 13mm External wall thickness, Offering security, Puncture resistance and thermal stability

  • Construction 60 mm thick fibreglass composite panels with structural aluminium edge members, with replaceable FRP corner protectors

  • 120 mm Insulated floor with optional integrated 4-point torsion-free subframe and integrated pull out steps.

  • Living pod to driving cabin access with weatherproof flexible seal and locking security door.

  • Superior thermal properties R = 1.379(K.m2)/W


All our bodies are made in our 30,00sq ft build facility in Doncaster by our team of highly skilled craftsmen

Prices From:
<3.5m £20,700
3.6m - 6m £28,750
 >6m Please contact us for a quote
Prices are exclusive of VAT

Price does include  one of our single point locking 60mm aluminium doors. Don't forget you will need to add the cost of a subframe and windows  

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