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Leyland DAF T244 4x4

This DAF used to run mountain bikers up a welsh mountain. It's now been retired. Like most of these trucks, it was plagued with the common faults you often see in them. Over time its had a full refurb it should be a reliable truck for some time.


This is a road registered truck.


There are delays at the DVLA of about four months so if you want a truck on the road ASAP this is a good option.

Location - Doncaster

  • Road registered

  • Rear chassis extend 1m. (Can be removed)

  • Following Parts have been replaced.

  • Injection pump

  • Clutch/flywheel

  • Gearbox recon

  • Rear DIFF recon

  • Fuel tank new

  • Fuel pipes and lift pump

  • Exhaust

  • Cab refurb

  • New steps

  • Wings (rust free)

  • Starter motor

Aircon not included

Can be supplied with an insulated box on the back from £26k

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