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Access Hatches 

Our access hatches are made with the same high-quality materials as our windows and doors.



  • GRP frame and panel for thermal efficiency.

  • Stainless steel fixings

  • Duel keyed the same locks.

  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically 

Overland Locker Door3.png

There are a selection of sizes to choose from and their uses are endless. Here are just a few examples:


700x530 - Taper - Located at the back of the vehicle giving access to storage under a bed or seating area.


290x325 - These come with an infill panel meaning you can cut the access aperture to suit your needs. Typically these are trimmed to allow a toilet cassette to pass through and use it as a locker door. 


335x460 - This is big enough to load a gas bottle through, making it an ideal choice   as a gas locker door to facilitate the safe changing of gas bottles.


385x325 - Also has with an infill panel. We use this to mount our water filling ports so when not in use, they are tamper-proof.


500x1170 - This is a generic access door for oversized items

Made from GRP, our hatches can be finished in any RAL colour. They are finished in white as standard.

Please add "RAL finish" to the cart and email us your colour choice. Note this will not be a high gloss finish.


For a beautiful High Gloss Ral finish, please add "RAL polishing" to the basket. You will need to add one for every item you want polished. 

Overland Locker Door1.png
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